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The Nikki Story part 3

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On the drive home from the beach, after they had both calmed down about one trying to rip off the other, Vinnie started asking what we were going to do that night. Well he didn't so much ask as he mentioned what we were going to do and then added a question mark at the end. He didn't seem happy when we confirmed that we were getting a room after we dropped him off at home.
At Vinnie's house Nikki asked if he had an extra syringe she could have. She said I was going to smoke but she wanted a shot.
 I waited uncomfortably in the car for a few minutes for Nikki to come back out. She came out the front door, gave Vinnie a hug and got back in the car. We knew we were going to get a room but we didn't know where, so we headed downtown. Nikki said we needed to stop at a grocery store to get foil and cottons so we stopped at a Safeway before finding a cheap motel.
"Just so you know, I get real horny when I'm on dope."
"I'm OK with that." I said with a smile.
Nikki set me up with a foil and a rolled up postcard from the nightstand and showed me/ helped me smoke some before she did a shot. We smoked a piece and then for the first time ever I watched someone cook up a shot.
I was terrified and fascinated at the same time. I watched her cook the heroin in the bottom of a cut off soda can and then rip a piece of cotton off a q-tip and placed it in the solution. Slowly she stuck the needle into the cotton and slowly pulled the dark solution up into the syringe. She pushed a little out the top and tapped the syringe with her finger to get all the air bubbles out. She was using a shoelace as a tourniquet tied tightly around her arm while holding it tight with her mouth. It took her a couple tries to find a vein and then when she died she pulled out on the plunger just a little and I saw blood enter the syringe. She took a breath and then slowly pushed the drugs into her arm.
She quickly undid the shoelace and laid flat on her back on the bed.
That was pretty intense. I didn't say anything for a minute or so and then I got up and tried smoking from the foil again. Nikki sat up and I handed the tube to her for a hit and rolled myself a cigarette. As I finished my cigarette she started to cook up another shot.
 "Are you sure that's OK? You just did one a few minutes ago."
 "It was just a small one, it's OK."
 I watched her go through the rituals again, much smoother on the second time around.
 I turned on my computer and put on Portishead. Nikki looked like she was in heaven. I laid down on the bed beside her and asked her how she was felt.
 "Amazing."She purred. Then she rolled partway towards me and threw one of her legs over mine and put her head on my chest.
We started kissing and as I began to touch her she started moaning quietly, she was clearly feeling especially sensitive and aroused over every inch of her body.  Woody Allen would call her polymorphously perverse. A short time after she asked a question that I'll never forget. - "Why am I the only one naked?"
The next 12 hours were spent getting high in between long sex sessions.
I'd always heard that Heroin would kill your sex drive and I would later learn that daily use would definitely hurt libido but it certainly didn't affect us that night with regards to drive. However over the entire night with hours and hours of sex I wasn't able to climax once. Nikki told me not to worry it happened often and a lot of men couldn't even get hard while on Heroin - at least I had that.
9 A.M. came really quickly. We were still high, hadn't slept, desperately needed a shower, and had to check out by 11.
We were about to shower when I saw a condom on the nightstand.
"We used all the drugs, might as well use all the condoms right?" She smiled, threw me on the bed, put the condom on me and jumped on top for a few minutes. Then we took a shower.
After the shower we realized that there was no way that I could take her home like this. We looked like we'd been up all night doing drugs and fucking.
So I called a good friend of mine that had a spare room to ask if we could go sleep there for a few hours, but she didn't answer. After the second attempt I called her boyfriend who said it was no problem,  he was at work but, "Come on over."
When we got there my friend ( who was sleeping when I called ) offered to make us breakfast but we weren't hungry. I just said we're gonna take a nap if that's OK. She had no problem with that, said she had to go to work in a couple hours but if we were still asleep just lock the door and drop the keys in the mail slot.
We woke up about 3:30 and nobody was home at the house. We actually were hungry this time so we stopped to get a sandwich on the drive back to her house.
To be continued...

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